Happy Goodbyes

Every year, families like to gather for Christmas, and then at some point they have to say goodbye again. First to leave, was my youngest brother Gyano. He had booked his trip to Buxton very last-minute, and only spent two nights here. However short, it was great to be a complete family this Christmas, and I am happy he was able to make the trip. My mom left later the same day, still suffering from the flu we had infected her with during her stay here. That was one unexpected Christmas present, that had my mom in bed for most of the week she was here. My other brother Djamo is still in Buxton, and will stay past the New Year’s holiday. Which makes sense, since he doesn’t just have us here in Buxton, he also has his sweet girlfriend, our friend, to spend the holiday with and their shared birthday on the second day of each new year.

It is so much easier now that we live so close to the Netherlands, my family members quite often make a quick trip across the North Sea to visit us. Obviously, this was not possible when we lived in San Francisco nor Osaka. Also, since a few months there’s even a very convenient Ryan Air connection between Manchester Airport and the small airport in my hometown of Eindhoven. Manchester Airport is easy enough to reach from Buxton by bus, so the Dutchies seem to keep coming over here! So saying goodbye to visiting Dutchies these days isn’t sad anymore. No more tears, just smiles and lots of see-you-soon’s.


7 thoughts on “Happy Goodbyes

  1. Glad to hear you had a good time with your family. I hope your mum gets well soon :) I like short trips or holidays, even two or three days. They can be so refreshing sometimes, getting away from the usual routines and things around you. I didn’t do too much this holiday season but kicked back and relaxed at home. Happy New Year, best wishes for the year ahead. Stay safe, stay kind :) <3

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  2. I think I appreciate and treasure time with my family more now that I’m away and older. My parents are divorced and both are remarried so when I lived in the States I always had to choose which one to spend Christmas with, and it was hard. But now that I’ve been away for about a year and a half, I get sentimental and start wanting to see them. My mom is coming to Japan soon and I am going back to America in August for a nice long visit, and as much as I love Asia, I can’t wait to see everyone. It’s always nice to see my fellow expat friends visiting family! I hope you had a great time.


    • It’s great visiting your homecountry when you live abraod. When I lived in Japan, I always went to the Netherlands to be with my family for the Holidays. When we lived in the States, we needed to be more frugal with Yasu being a student so I spent the Holidays without the other Dutchies. Now that we live in England, we seem to live so close to the Netherlands that they can’t seem to stop coming over here! They come over for the Holidays, in the summertime and more, and now that I am pregnant it’s extra nice to have my family relatively close because they all want to meet and get to know our little one.

      For as long as we live in Europe, we might as well enjoy all those visits. Not that they don’t visit when we live on the other side of the globe, but it’s more like once in several years instead of several times in one year. Have fun when your mom visits Japan, I loved showing my family and friends around in Japan, it’s such an exotic place for us Dutchies and somewhere they would have never gone to without having someone they know live there.

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