So Much Snow

Christmas may be over, but Buxton is covered in more than enough snow for some serious winter fun. We meant to go straight to the huge park in front of our building but the thick layer of soft pure snow on the street on our way there was way to hard to resist. My mom and brother immediately got themselves into a snowball fight:

We decided to make a snowman, so we got to rolling snowballs, which was easy enough with so much snow in the street.

Japanese snowmen consist of two balls, but Dutch snowmen consist of three balls. And since it was just us three Dutchies outside at that moment we set out to create a Dutch snowman with three balls.

Giant snowballs meet baby bump.

We used a banana for a mouth and crushed soda cans for eyes, can you see he’s winking?

Two hours later our finished snowman also had tangerine buttons, hair made of chestnut husks, a walking stick and huge muscular arms. He was even taller than my mom!

Soon the rest of the family came to have a look and approved of our huge snowman, who slightly resembles a Ninja Turtle. It was also fun to have people from the neighborhood come over to have a look and give us the thumbs up or compliment our piece of snowy art.

We did end up in the park before dark, and as expected loads of people spent time there making their own snowmen. It was fun to see everyone’s creations, tall and tiny (click on the photos to see large pictures). We must admit we’re kind of biased though, when it comes to choosing a favorite, our huge muscular snowman keeps winning that contest.

We ended our snow adventure with snow angels. Since we were all frozen, we opted for the air version, as no one really wanted to lie down in the cold snow. Aren’t these the cutest (air) snow angels ever?!


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