Christmas Fare

Yasu, being Japanese, never used to celebrate Christmas. Me, being Dutch, loves Christmas and can’t get enough of it. A few years ago, when we were planning to celebrate the holiday between just the two of us in the States, I asked Yasu what would feel Christmassy to him. He said baking cookies, and even though I had never done that before I thought it was a great new tradition to add to our yearly family Christmas.

So for the family gathering at our house this Christmas, Yasu and I baked cookies.

We’re still newbies at it and we have to admit we used cookie baking kits.

We made gingerbread men and shortbread stars and are happy to report that almost all cookies got eaten!

Of course, cookies wasn’t the only food this Christmas. Our first Christmas Meal was on Monday, the day my mom and brother arrived in Buxton. Yasmin cooked us a delicious pre-Christmas meal, because she was taking Djamo to meet her family up North for Christmas Eve and Day.

On Christmas Day, we were invited to Kaihan’s for another delicious meal of turkey, ham and all the trimmings!

I had originally planned to cook us all a turkey on Second Christmas Day (us Dutchies officially celebrate 2 Christmas Days, aren’t we lucky?!), but as expected there were loads of leftovers from First Christmas Day, so for our third Christmas meal we opted for a snack buffet (only partially pictured here).

My other brother Gyano had flown in from the Netherlands just in time for dinner, and Djamo and Yasmin were back in Buxton as well. So everyone was here to enjoy this year’s last Christmas Meal together.

Every year, I wish for a White Christmas, and this year I got my wish! And unlike earlier this month, this snow actually stuck, so plans for some serious snow fun were quickly made for the next day :).


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