Wedding Bells after 4.5 Years of Marriage

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! These years flew by and I have no regrets at all. My husband is my most favorite human being in the world; he’s my best friend, my life support, my partner in crime, father of the baby in my belly, and the love of my life.

Marrying him was the best decision I ever made. Yet our special day wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed of as a little girl. We had to get married in secret. We got married in Osaka, yet the only people in Japan who knew that was happening were my coworkers, two of them signed on our marriage papers as witnesses. The day of our commitment it was just the two of us.

To give a short and very mild summary of the situation and why we had to get married in secret: Yasu’s family was less than accepting of me as his partner. I am very happy to say that this year, very unexpectedly during our trip to Japan, an end was put to years of family drama and I am now fully accepted as Yasu wife.

His family was actually quite excited to find out we are married and even asked if they could celebrate it with us. And so it happened that this May, after 4.5 years of marriage, we finally enjoyed a weddingy celebration of our union. It was surprising and slightly awkward, but nice and a happy event nonetheless.

There was loads of celebratory food, hearts in the salad, and even our first ever wedding cake!

They had us cut the cake together with a decorated knife, while everyone was taking pictures.

All family members had prepared speeches, and Yasu’s father did his in English and it was largely directed at me. It was very meaningful to me, and I was very happy and grateful to finally receive his acceptance. He made me cry, how embarrassing, especially since I was expected to give a speech next. I did my best to express myself in Japanese, and was glad to see my little impromptu talk seemed to make everyone happy.

It was quite a surreal experience, to be center of so much attention, in the midst of these people wearing this on my head:

It was a good event, and we are very grateful for the reconciliation between Yasu and his family. What an unexpected and wonderful finale that was to our Japan trip.

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21 thoughts on “Wedding Bells after 4.5 Years of Marriage

  1. It must have been very hard to have this tension over the years and though I just stumbled over your blog I just feel very happy for you that it now came to a good end. I know that international marriages bring a myriad of different things with them (good and bad) and I was glad that my parents in law were always positive about our marriage. Wish you and your family a merry christmas!

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  2. Curious, if you don’t mind me asking… but why were they against you? :( I’m glad they’ve accepted you now :P I’m just asking out of curiosity as my boyfriend’s parents were not a huge fan of me at first but now they are tolerating me a little :P LOL.

    Happy anniversary :P I hope there will be many many more!

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    • Mostly because I am a foreigner, they used to tolerate me because I think they never thought it would last. But then they blamed me for Yasu leaving the country to move to the States. Yet, it was Yasu who was interested in getting advanced degrees abroad, and I’m just happy to tag along. It is true I encouraged Yasu to do what made him happy instead of living his life the way his father demanded. It’s because I did that for most of my young life and it made me miserable. I love Yasu and want him to be happy and have no regrets. So in his parents’ eyes I was the Western b$&@ who took their obedient son away. And instead of trying to motivate Yasu to stay in Japan, his dad ended up chasing him away even faster. I think now years later, they’ve accepted that I am here to stay and that I make Yasu happy. His dad kind of welcomed me to the family this May, that was a very good moment!


  3. Hello there….

    I just stumbled upon your blog and great to read this story :)

    So nice to see that, you have been welcomed by your husband’s family and you are going to get promoted in life :)

    Have a great time….

    Wish you, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year :)


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  4. I’m so glad that his family has accepted you! It may have taken some time, but now you’re in for good. Congratulations on your fifth wedding anniversary! And I wish you many more happy years.

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