Oh snow, it’s so pretty. It makes us happy. And cold.

We hardly saw any snow when we lived in Osaka, and we saw none when we lived in San Francisco, but now we live in Buxton. Snow is basically a given here in winter time. The winter before we arrived here was especially severe, with cars driving through snow tunnels and people snowed in and stuck for days. So when my family came over for the holidays last year we all thought it would be a white Christmas. But it wasn’t it. Our first winter here was very mild, without hardly any snow-action.

The family is coming over again at the end of this month, and the snow this week has rekindled a hope for a white Christmas in Buxton.

This is what our street looked like after the first bit of snowfall. A good start, me thinks.

When we went out to feed to ducks in the park we even got caught in a hail/snow storm. On this occasion the snow stuck and built up a little, but most of it has melted away again. We have been having decent snow showers the rest of the week, which are just so pretty to look at. Yet for some reason that snow refused to stick. Instead it melted and quickly turned to ice, a lot less fun and more dangerous than snow.


17 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I am just very happy that we didn’t haveany snow yet here in north germany. I really had enough of it during my time in finland. Digging out the car below a thick layer of snow, sometimes half meter of snow in a weekend etc it was just too much:)

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  2. Ah it looks so beautiful!! Yeah in Fukuoka we are just getting rain, but hopefully when I go to Korea next week, I will have a white Christmas! Thanks for following by the way!


  3. I just all of your photos. What a beautiful winter wonderland (but I have to say that your husband looks really cold!) These were the types of snowfalls I enjoyed in Canada (the ones that you didn’t need to shovel) but I also loved the really big storms (as we would have a snow day and I didn’t need to go to school).

    I hope you are getting into the festive swing of things and that you have a winter wonderland for Christmas. :)

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    • You’re right, he is cold! My husband (being used to hot and humid Japanese temperatures) is not very comfortable in cold weather. He really enjoys the season though, but he prefers being warm. I wouldn’t mind a big snow storm at Christmas! And lots of snow days :).


  4. Snow! You must have been very excited to see it blanket your backyard and the streets. Was your husband trying to feed the birds? They look like they are waiting for something. I haven’t experienced snow before as I am not a fan of cold weather at all. It doesn’t snow in Melbourne except up in the mountains, which are about 2-3 hours from where I am in the city. But I will agree with you and everyone else – snow is beautiful :)

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    • You’re right, I was very excited! I love snow, it doesn’t happen often. It has all melted by now, but we’re hoping for new snow by Christmas. Yes, Yasu was feeding the ducks in that picture. It’s fun!


      • I hope you get more snow soon so you can build a snowman. Or maybe go toboggan riding on the slopes :D So kind of Yasu to feed the ducks. I hope he gave them plenty of bread. When it is cold, we tend to get more hungry (we probably need food to fill us up and keep us warm) and I’m sure it’s the same with animals :)

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    • Well, at least in LA you won’t have to miss Japanese food. There’s such a large Japanese community there and loads of good Japanese restaurants. We were so happy to have Japantown in San Francisco when we lived there, now we have nothing to replace it with in England… It’s hard. But hey, we have snow ;)!!


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