Happy Hubbie’s Birthday

Yasu turned 31 this week. He feels he’s becoming a proper adult, with a baby on the way and ‘such an advanced’ age. We like to take our birthdays off and do something fun to celebrate. This year we went to the local spa at the University Dome.

For more than a year we’ve been wondering what’s it like down there. College students get trained in spa management there and customers can go there for massages, mani-pedis and some serious relaxing in their spa facilities.

We went for a full day at the spa, including a fancy-pants-spa-lunch and massages. The lunch was delicious but enormous, six people could have filled up on it, needless to say we could not finish it, regrettably. Yasu went for a hot stone massage and I went for a mommy-to-be massage. The massage felt wonderful, but it sure was hard to stay awake to fully experience it. It’s just too relaxing and sleep-inducing.

The facilities included a hot aroma therapy room, a sauna, a steam room, and a hot tub. All things I love but am not allowed to use in my current pregnant state. We don’t want to overheat my core and risk boiling our little boy in my belly. I was allowed to use the heated hydrotherapy pool. I love swimming so I managed to entertain myself in that warm water all day.

In Japan all swimming pools have warm water (30-32°C), even when it’s all hot and summery, and I used to find that disgusting. In the Netherlands pool water is always cool, if you felt something warm in the water it was bad news, it meant someone had peed in the water… yuck. So swimming in warm water in Japan was more than a little weird to me. But surprisingly the warm water pool at the spa was very pleasant, perhaps because I have been freezing these last few weeks. I went for a swim at our regular pool with cool water a few days after our spa day, and actually wished the water was heated. Hmm, perhaps I am ready to move back to Japan and their warm water pools.

Yasu enjoyed trying out all hot rooms so he was basically warm all day. He loved them all, and I was only a tiny bit jealous.

Yasu and I don’t do gifts. We do like to celebrate but we never exchange gifts, not for birthdays, not for anniversaries and not for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. At his birthday dinner he received gifts from friends and he certainly looked happy while unwrapping them, so perhaps we will start to add gifts to our yearly traditions after our son is born. Who knows?


4 thoughts on “Happy Hubbie’s Birthday

  1. My husband always says he got an automatic upgrade once I became pregnant (and another much bigger one once the baby was here). And it’s true. He’s become a super chef (I don’t want to go to restaurants anymore because the dishes he cooks taste so much better) who can change diapers in 15 seconds and exercise with baby in one arm. Kind of. Maybe your husband will be the same?

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    • I love it when my husband cooks and helps around the house, which he does do quite a lot. But I wouldn’t mind the super chef upgrade! Currently he’s only able to cook two maybe three Japanese dishes, those are delicious don’t get me wrong, but it would be nice if he experimented a little. So I’ll be hoping for that upgrade your husband got ;)!


  2. Woohoo! Another December baby (Mine was on the 14th and my boyfriend’s is on the 20th!) LOL.

    You should so add gifts! Even if its nothing major :P I tend to always surprise my boyfriend with some nice baked goods since I love cooking. And he loves when I do it. He actually wanted me to make him a cheesecake for his birthday but his mom bought one :(. lol. I’m sure your kiddo would love to see you two give gifts ;P

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