Christmas Baubles and Baby Bubbles

Today it was finally time to decorate for Christmas! I have seen decorations go up on the streets, in shops, at work, through neighbor’s windows, on Instagram, so I was getting antsy since I love Christmas decorations. But as a Dutchie I had to wait until after the Sinterklaas holiday, which was yesterday.

As a mommy-to-be I have been consciously entering traditions into our lives for us to enjoy with our future little ones. And celebrating Sinterklaas will most definitely be one of them after our son is born, but we skipped it yesterday since I just had no idea how to celebrate with just the two of us. There are no special decorations, Yasu and I don’t do presents, there’s no Sinterklaas candy for sale in the British supermarkets, and as a Japanese man Yasu does not understand the whole Sinterklaas Surprise concept for adults. So no Sinterklaas for us this year. Next year, we’ll probably sing Sinterklaas songs with our baby boy and put out his shoe with a letter and some food for Sinterklaas and his horse. And I’m sure Zwarte Piet will leave a little gift for our little one.

This year December is just for Christmas in our house, oh and of course my husband’s birthday next week. And even though we never exchange gifts, I did get to receive the best gift ever two nights ago. Two little kicks from the little boy inside my belly. It was amidst a storm of bubbly feelings, which I had felt before but had not yet confidently identified as baby’s movements. But when he suddenly kicked me for the first time two evenings ago, I realized it has been him all along. Poor Yasu got so excited when I told him about the kicks and he desperately tried to feel something too, while rubbing my belly and speaking to it in Japanese. I hope he gets to feel him from the outside soon as well, I feel a bit guilty enjoying the baby’s movements and Yasu not being able to feel a thing. I can’t seem to stop feeling our little boy, I am so aware of him now. It is a very special feeling and not at all scary or weird like I imagined it could be. Baby boy Kotera seemed to enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with me today.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Baubles and Baby Bubbles

  1. We still havent decorated anything in our apartment as we just have too much to do. However in my parents apartment (two floors down) they have started already and also prepared Christmas cookies :)
    Perhaps we will buy in the next weeks a Christmas tree but I am not so sure about it yet…


    • You’re not sure about getting a tree yet? When we lived in the States we lived so small we didn’t get a tree either, just some colored Christmas lights to brighten up the place. Actually we never had a tree in Japan either, again the apartment was too small. So when we got to the UK I was very excited to have more than enough space for a tree, I love Christmas decorations!
      But you only have to go two floors down for a Christmassy atmosphere and they even have cookies!


  2. That is such a beautiful Christmas tree. Pure white, and that really makes the decorations stand out. I come from a Chinese Malaysian family, living in Australia and we actually don’t celebrate Christmas. So we don’t have a tree, but I agree they are beautiful. I get jealous of the colourful trees in my friends’ house :D Your baby sounds like a very good child :D

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