Little One Loading: 50% Complete

Our little one is a boy!

We had our 20 week scan this morning and now we get to call our little one a ‘he’ instead of an ‘it’. We’re having a son in April. Our little one is a boy!

Week 20 Anomaly Scan

I’m not sure it was really a big surprise anymore. Last night we did the needle-on-a-piece-of-thread test above my belly. And the needle kept moving back and forth, instead of going in circles, which is supposed to mean you’re having a boy. And then while asleep I dreamed the sonographer told me the baby was a boy. So this morning I was definitely thinking my belly bean would probably be a boy.

Week 20 Anomaly Scan

After a lengthy examination of baby’s organs and body parts (all is fine) it was time to explore baby’s nether regions. We got a nice clear shot of the legs and I saw a small bump in between them. I was just thinking that it was probably boy-parts, but I’m no expert, for all I know girl-parts look bumpy at this stage. I had barely finished the thought and the sonographer moved on to a different angle and told us she saw dangly bits. She confirmed it, it is a boy. Yasu was surprised but I wasn’t really, I was expecting it. If she had said it was a girl I would have been very surprised. But who knows, the sonographer did say they can never tell 100% for sure. In another 20 weeks we will really know for certain our little one is a boy (or not).

Week 20 Anomaly Scan

I love the details in these scan photos. I can see his hands, legs, spine, and of course his head. Our little boy is very flexible. He’s currently hanging around in my womb in shrimp position. All curled over with his feet and hands in front of his face. And even more exciting I think I have been feeling his tiny movements over the past few days. Tiny faint bubbles of movement in my belly. Hello dear little baby boy, I can feel you. Keep growing well in there, can’t wait to meet you in 20 weeks.


11 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 50% Complete

  1. Congratulations. My wife was hundred percent sure it would be a girl and all chinese said it would be a girl due to all kind of superstitious thing however at the hospital they told us wit would be a boy and it was right (not always the sonography r is right about telling the gender :p)

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    • Well, that would be huge surprise at delivery if the sonographer was wrong! It is always possible. She did say don’t paint the nursery walls blue yet, but buying blue things is okay since you can always return them ;).


    • My husband came up with a name two years ago which works for both girl and boy. We’re keeping it secret until it’s born, though. We both love the name and now we know the little one is a boy, the name feels somehow even more perfect. We have looked at hundreds of other names though, just in case and because it’s fun, but we keep coming back to the one Yasu came up with.


  2. Awww :D Congratulations! I absolutely love the title :P it’s cute how you’re saying how many percent he is loaded! :D haha. Those scans are super adorable! I can’t wait to see how cute he’ll be when he is born :D

    And really random! I saw your hubby’s name is ‘Yasu’. In Greek, Yasou (still pronounced like ‘Yasu’ I think :P) roughly translates to ‘your health.’ People tend to use it when drinking and toasting to people. And some people use it for a greeting instead of saying ‘hello’ :P Just thought I should share it ;)

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    • Thanks! Yasu basically came up with the title. I asked him for ideas for the first post about our little baby. I think he said something like how about “Baby Loading”. You know he also came up with the name for the baby, several years ago, we’re keeping it a secret until the baby is born though. But that man has some good ideas ;).

      We did know about his name meaning something like “Hello” in Greek. He once hosted an international festival as an emcee in University in America. And he told everyone that if he were in Greece, he could be greeted by saying his name twice. Glad to hear you confirming it, so he was not making it up!


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