Girl or Boy?


Here in the UK, the most common opinion, regarding finding out the sex of a baby, seems to be that people ought to keep it a surprise until the moment of delivery. I have even encountered people who flat out told me that they thought it was ridiculous that some people wanted to find out the sex before the baby was born.

When I tell people I do want to find out the sex at our 20-week scan (tomorrow!) they look at me in a slightly disapproving way and ask me why I don’t want to be surprised. But I do want to be surprised.

I just think, on the day the baby pops out, I will be pretty busy and there will be more than enough surprises already. I see no reason not to have one surprise 20 weeks earlier. I like to spread the fun a little.

And I will be surprised, tomorrow, when the sonographer tells us the sex of our baby, since I have no idea whether our little one will be a boy or a girl.

12 thoughts on “Girl or Boy?

  1. I would also like to know it as soon as possible if I was pregnant, so I could start thinking about names :)

    In China you cannot know the sex of the baby before delivery (it is illegal but sometimes if you know the doctor or give him money he will tell). My friends had a baby last March, they were convinced it was going to be a girl and bought all the pink clothes… it was a boy and he wore pink during his first months :D

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    1. Marta, as your friends’ story illustrates there is also a practical reason to find out the sex before birth. It is a cute story though, a boy in pink his first few months of life.

      My family is also convinced ours is a girl, so it’s better for them to find out sooner rather than later before they all start buying pink gifts :).

      If I lived in China, I think I would bribe the doctor to tell me! I am the pregnant lady, if he knows the sex, then I should be able to know too. It’s my baby in my body! I would do my best to find out, in secret, I would not want to get caught by the Chinese police :o.


      1. They passed that law because you know, some years ago, and especially in the countryside, some people only wanted to have boys and would have an abortion if they knew it was a girl :/


  2. All of our friends from various countries in Europe wanted to know the gender of their baby including us last years summer :)
    I actually don’t know anyone who didn’t want to know about it, seems that it’s a bit different in the uk.

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    1. Yeah, it seems the UK is different from the rest of Europe. I am Dutch, and all my Dutch pregnant friends found out before the baby was born. I also only encounter understanding and excitement from Dutch and Belgian friends and family regarding wanting to find out today.

      We just moved here from the States and all our American friends found out before their babies were born and many of them even shared their baby’s name way before it was born. And our Japanese friends and family also have no problem with finding out early.

      Having lived in the UK for little over a year now, I am often still surprised at how conservative and strict to old believes the culture is. People don’t challenge ‘common knowledge’ that no longer seems common in 2014. It’s interesting though, experiencing all these different cultures.


      1. Yes, it is always interesting to see what certain quirks people have in different countries.
        For example in Germany you have this weird thing called “mittagsruhe” so between 13-15 o clock it is forbidden to make noise. Something like this is unheard in Scandinavia:)


  3. I need to know too!! My mom found out after my birth and she was relieved I was a girl haha but what are you gonna do if it is not what you “wanted”? o.O
    I have the feeling it is gonna be a boy…I always dream of baby boys.

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    1. Gender dissapointment apparently is very common. If you find out before birth you have time to get over it, then again if you find out at birth it will probably be easier to get over it because you’re so busy falling in love with your baby. Are you going to find out? What are you hoping for?


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