She’s baaack!

Dutchies calling home from England

When we lived in Osaka, my mom visited us there once. When we lived in San Francisco, my mom visited us there once. Now that we live in Buxton, my mom visits us all the time! Flying to both Osaka and San Francisco from the Netherlands takes about 11 hours, while flying to England takes less than an hour. I think it may have something to do with that, perhaps? And since October, when budget airliner Ryan Air started operating a cheap direct flight between Manchester and the tiny airport in my southern hometown of Eindhoven, traveling to Buxton has been easier than ever.

On the train to Manchester to celebrate Moem's birthday

So my mom decided that her November birthday was another good occasion to travel to Buxton, and this time she took her new boyfriend Frank with her to introduce him to us. We were eager to finally meet the man my mom is so in love with in real life. They stayed with us for an extended weekend, lots of quality time transpired, the Peak District was explored and on my mom’s birthday the four of us trained it to Manchester. She may have turned one year older, and soon be a grandmother, but she sure still is gorgeous.

Looking at baby clothes, guessing which we will need.

Earlier on she had expressed a desire to come baby shopping with us. So we browsed a baby store which completely overwhelmed me. It is amazing the amount of stuff the baby is going to need, or rather the store wants us to belief a baby is going to need. Home decorating wise, I am kind of a minimalist. I don’t like knickknacks, they only collect dust and create clutter and when you move internationally as often as we do it all ends up in the trash anyways. A baby will bring loads of clutter and chaos into our oasis of space and organization. I know it is inevitable, but I need some time wrap my mind around it, so baby furnishing decisions will be left for a later date. We did have fun looking at the tiny boy’s and girl’s outfits and wondering which kind we are going to need in about five months. All the Dutchies seem to be convinced our little one is a girl…

Birthday treats for MoemMoem's birthday dinner

We roamed the exceedingly crowded streets of Manchester. I will have to remember that a Saturday during Christmas market and Christmas shopping time is not a good day to putter around Manchester. We did manage to squeeze in a few chill-out moments, when we treated them to coffee and birthday pastries at Starbucks, and my mom treated us to a Japanese meal. All yummy indulgences we can’t get in Buxton.

Feet in Manchester City Center


8 thoughts on “She’s baaack!

  1. Looks like the four of you had a great time. So nice of you to treat them to Starbucks – I really like the non-coffee drinks and cakes there. A bit pricey but they always taste good :) Thankfully the crowds weren’t too much of a bother.

    That first photo is funny. Is your mum posing with the iconic telephone booth? :D

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  2. Christmas time seems never been a good time to get around any city where people are out buying presents. Even my little hometown is so packed that going anywhere is a nightmare for me as not only she shops are overfilled but the restaurants as well

    Ryanair offers some nice flights however the used airports are not always really convenient. Once I thought about flying with them but that would have included a 2h bus trip to another city in Finland and once I arrived in. Germany I would have to use another 5h bus trip home….as you can guess the total price with these additional trips were the already higher than the basic flight using. The nearest airports :)

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    • Yeah, the airports Ryanair uses in the Netherlands are not very convenient for tourists who want to see major cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We’re just lucky that they have chosen to fly to the tiny airport my mom lives really near to.


  3. Your mum must be very excited about becoming a grandma! But she looks too young to be one :D

    Agreed about the baby stuff, I think stores and society want to make us believe babies need tons of special things (that coincidentally are very expensive, considering how small they are). I don’t think we had so much fancy stuff when we were born and we turned out ok ;)

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