Lighting up the Park

Christmas Lights in the Park

Every year, in preparation for the Christmas season, Buxton likes to decorate the large park in front of our building with lights. I love Christmas and Christmas lights, so this year, just like last year, I dragged Yasu to the park with me to admire the pretty lights.

Pavillion Gardens all lit up

I think they come up with a new theme for each year and I think Buxton schools help to make the decorations. This year the theme seemed to be recycling. Large light dolls were made of pet bottles and we spotted parkwide bird garlands made out of cut-up milk bottles.

Family of light people

Of course, Buxton wouldn’t be British if it wasn’t raining. Rain seems to be Buxton’s favorite state of weather. Which is why Yasu wasn’t really looking forward to go for a walk through the park, it really was pouring down. But that’s what umbrellas are for, am I right? Lights are still pretty seen through the plastic of my umbrella.

Admiring the lights from under an umbrella


5 thoughts on “Lighting up the Park

  1. Very pretty lights and sculptures. I think it was worth the effort, trudging in the rain to have a look at them. I’m not a huge fan of walking in the rain, but if I have an umbrella and water-proof shoes – that means, shoes without a hole in them – then I’m more than happy to get a bit wet :D And if it really is bucketing down, there are always raincoats and ponchos!

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  2. The lights are just stunning — how nice you guys went out to enjoy them. But rain in the winter can be so cold! When it rains here in our corner of China in the winter, it often feels worse than if it were snowy and drier.

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