First Baby Purchase

The baby is going to need quite a few things after it’s born. So we thought it was time to go check out some babythings at the store. We weren’t planning on buying anything yet, we were just going to see what was out there…

Of course, that didn’t happen.

When we got to the push chair section, Yasu quickly dragged out this colorful buggy:
Yasu found his favorite buggy

One thing you have to know about my husband, orange is his absolute favorite color. I think it all started when he found out it was my national color. He loves this Dutchie and he loves Dutch orange. Did you see his pants and shoes?

Not only was this push chair orange it also stood out in the line of boring, overwhelmingly black buggies and prams, with its bold pattern and bright color. He loved it and I loved it! The quality was great, the look was great, it was a ‘Which Best Buy Choice’, and it was a Cosatto, which happened to be the only brand I had previously shown interest in after seeing other parents with their colorful prams.

The push chair is part of a complete travel system from newborn to toddler. It not only comes with the duo-directional buggy for two-way cruising, but also with this pram:
Excited to fill this pram

And a matching car seat. Which the future uncle and aunt of our baby are showcasing here in a different colorway:
The travel system comes with a free car seat

After researching 3 in 1 travel systems for babies online, I had expected to have to spend at least £500-£600 on it. So when we found out this system was on sale for £340 (with the option to return for a full refund), we could not believe our luck and quickly jumped on it. Yet when we got to cash register, we got even luckier. Some error in the computer let us have the car seat for free, so we ended up paying only £230.

Only problem was that we had not planned on buying anything. So we came to the store, in a different town, in a 3-door Mini with four people. There was basically no trunk space and there were two very large boxes needing to come home with us. With the help of a store clerk and a lot of pushing, shoving, and squishing we got everything and everyone in. We made it home to Buxton, uncomfortably but safely.


3 thoughts on “First Baby Purchase

  1. Ohhhh I LOVE this stroller!! I am looking for strollers too and it is sooo hard. I really like the STOKKE Cruisi, but I don’t like the handle. Also STOKKE strollers don’t have much space for groceries underneath and they are super expensive. You also need to buy STOKKE accessoires to fit which are even more expensive. I want a foreign brand because we are both tall and it would be nice if the child could stay in their stroller when we go out for lunch like in the STOKKE. But most of them are so bulky and inconvenient here in small Japan I guess.
    Here they all have those old-style looking, cheaply made, four wheel buggies in which they even put newborns, which I think is just not good for their back. But it is even more common to carry them the first few months, because it is easier. So I thought about doing that and skipping the newborn stroller option, but uuuum sometimes it would be still nice to not have to carry the baby I guess….
    I really would love to get an AirBuggy but you can only put a MaxiCosi on it for newborns…which they grow out quickly and you cannot change the handle so you face your child, which I also don’t like -.- I am so annoyed by strollers already, I wanna create my own haha
    But I really like that COSATTO one, I have never heard of that brand *__*

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    • My friend in the Netherlands has Stokke, it looks pretty, but yeah it’s pricey. Carrying the baby around, yeah I have seen Japanese friends do that, it’s a bit exhausting I’d think. I would at least get a baby carrier so my hand are free and baby is safe and snug. Cosatto is new to me too. It’s an English brand.


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