Bonfire Night

Tonight we’ve added another tradition to our list for when we’re parents. Well, at least as long as we live in the UK. Bonfire night is celebrated in honor of Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th. As far as I understand it’s to celebrate that Mr. Fawkes did not manage to set fire to the Houses of Parliament in London many years ago. And as you may have guessed from the title of this post, it entails a large community bonfire.

Last year Buxton’s bonfire was canceled due to bad weather, but this year we did get to warm ourselves, from a safe distance, on this gorgeous fire:

Now that my little brother is dating our sweet Buxton friend, he’s in town even more frequently than my mom. He just can’t seem to stop coming back to Buxton, which is great since we get to do loads of things together.

The bonfire isn’t the only fire present on Bonfire Night, there’s also fireworks! I love fireworks, and we were pleasantly surprised by the length and beauty of the fireworks show.

It was a great evening and we will be attending this event again next year. With our little one and hopefully these two sweeties as well.

P.S. My husband is quite the hot-head:


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