Starting New Traditions

As a little girl I always loved traditions. They came back every year and I was always looking forward to them. Now that we’re becoming parents, we’ve decided to start practicing traditions that we would love to do with our children.

First up: carving pumpkins for Halloween! We’d never done this before, so we used Google and Youtube to find out how to do it and then we just went for it.

We had no idea what to expect when we opened up those pumpkins. Now we know.

It was actually much easier than we thought and it was really fun. We roasted the pumpkin seeds afterwards for a treat and of course lighting up our pumpkins after dark was the biggest reward. It’s really too bad the pumpkins only lasted for a few days before they got moldy. Yet this was a succesful start of a new family tradition and we will be doing this again. It will be fun coming up with new designs each year.


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