Pink bubbles

My least favorite season of the year is summer. I don’t do heat well. It was absolutely awful in Japan, where it summer seems to last from late April to late October, at least. It gets exceptionally hot in Osaka and even worse, so much worse, is the intense humidity. It’s hard to breathe and you’re sticky all day long, yuck. Thankfully, most places have air-conditioning, but still. Oh and huge, dirty, and creepy bugs seem to love that weather and were always around to scare the bejeezus out of me. No thanks. Summer in San Francisco wasn’t bad at all. The climate there is very dry and mild, and summer is kind of chilly or sometimes downright cold. I loved it. Summer in Buxton can be warm, but still it’s much better than in Osaka.

The Square

In any country, in any weather, I always get excited when fall comes around. Because that means summer is over, and next summer is many seasons away. I also love the colors of autumn, the milder weather, and that the holidays are coming soon. In America there were also countless pumpkin products to look forward too, unfortunately they don’t seem to be popular here in England.

Fall leaves

Walking around in Buxton in fall time, there are loads of pretty sights to take in and even more colorful leaves to kick around. Yep, I’m still a child.


14 thoughts on “Fall

    • Us too. The storm here was so severe, strong and loud on Sunday it kept me awake and worried. Today we had snow again, it didn’t stick, but more is on the way. Which is great for the holidays but not convenient when working. Looking forward to spring as well.


      • The storm hit germany also pretty hard as there was much damage and even a few people died.
        However I didn’t really felt any of the storm as I was all the time inside and only heard from time to time some rain hitting the windows..l

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  1. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I love the goegeous colors of the leaves (your video looked fun to film, I’d be doing that too!) :D
    I also agree with the summer here in Japan, it’s very extreme. Sure enough I’d like to experience some beaches here this year, but I know I sleep better at night during the colder months ~

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  2. I also hate it when it is hot! It gets very humid in this area too :(

    I used to love winter… until I moved to Shanghai / Suzhou and realized winter is not cool at all if you don’t have heating at home!

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    • Yeah, what’s up with that? Japan is the same with house heating. They have heated toilet seats in winter (which is very weird, especially the first time you encounter it) but not heated houses. Insulation isn’t too great anyways, so houses get really cold :(.


  3. *ugh* the japanese Summer is definitely not something I am looking forward to and I really hope I can manage somehow because I, too, don’t do heat well (and I really don’t like bugs). I foresee some ranting posts about how awful the weather is this summer f(^_^;)

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  4. Brrrr….ik houd van de herfst om haar kleuren maar I don’t like the rain that comes too. I do like winter en de kou wat erbij hoort, vooral de sneeuw. Maar niet als ik de weg op moet naar mijn werk.
    Spring is beautiful and full with new promisses.
    Zomer…is helaas niet meer zo zomerig zoals het vroeger was maar wat mis ik die warmte en de stralende zon. Yup, I love the summer and the heat as well….I’m a summergirl!!!

    Japan kan inderdaad erg heet zijn maar toen ik daar was heb ik genoten van de warmte. Maar heel af en toe kon het mij ook wel eens teveel zijn hoor! En was ik erg blij met de airco 😉.

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