Moem and Djamo in Buxton Again!

Personalized Coke Cans

Mom (a.k.a. Mum in British English or Moem in Louana-language) and little brother Djamo are back in Buxton! Djamo just got back from a month of volunteering in Cameroon, so I was especially happy to see him again, happy and healthy. He had quite some exotic stories to share about his time in African cities and his adventures in the jungle. People often label Yasu and I brave for our habit of just packing up life and moving across the world, but we’re not brave that’s just living within our comfort zone. Djamo went to the African jungle to help protect the gorillas from poachers, that’s brave!

Happy Visitors

I am proud of him, but my little brother in Africa worries me (especially with the whole Ebola-thing) and I am relieved he is back. He had also planned to go to Zambia for his international teaching experience (he’s doing a Bachelor’s in Education), but I much prefer him in Japan, so we changed that plan to him doing an internship at my friend’s English Conversation School in Osaka. That still satisfies his desire for adventure and it really satisfies my desire to keep my little brother safe. Everybody happy!

Sharing the Good NewsMidwife Appointment Companions

We also had some news to share with my mom and brother! I played our little pregnancy announcement video on the TV when they weren’t expecting it. You should have seen their faces, at first puzzled and then pure joy! Lots of hugs, kisses and squeals followed. They were the first people we told! They knew we were trying, and how disappointed I was when we were unsuccessful the first two months. We found out less than a week before they got here, it was to keep secret, but I really wanted to tell them in person. It was worth the wait. I wanted to surprise Gyano, my other little brother, over FaceTime, but we couldn’t reach him. Djamo was so excited he started frantically texting him and urging him to pick up or call back soon. So when we got to share the news with Gyano later that evening, he had already correctly guessed that he was a new uncle-to-be! We called my grandmother with Skype (as an expat you’ve just gotta love all contemporary technology), and the news made her cry. So cute. We also shared the news with our Buxton friends over dinner that night. Everyone was so happy, and even though I was only in my fifth week of pregnancy, it felt so good to share the news since it makes it feel more real. Also during the weekend, my mom and Djamo got to join us on our very first midwife’s appointment. Seeing a midwife made it even more real: we’re going to have a baby!

Tea TimeAfternoon Tea Time

So yes, lots of baby excitement, but don’t worry we didn’t forget about entertaining our visitors. Since we’re in England, lots of tea needs to be consumed. So we went for tea, Bakewell pudding, and Bakewell tart in Bakewell (where else?) and High Tea a.k.a. Afternoon Tea in Buxton. No, not on the same day, that’s simply too much tea for Dutchies.

Yasu and the DucksMoem and the DucksFeeding the Ducks in the RainDjamo and the Ducks

Feeding the ducks in our front yard, the park, is something Yasu and I have enjoyed like the little kids that we still are on the inside, so it’s now on our must-do-with-visitors list. So we did, in the rain, which is kind of typical for Buxton.

Running Railway ManGangstas on tha Bus

We bussed around the High Peak Area to find new things to see and do. We ended up in Matlock Bath where we took the cable car up to the Heights of Abraham. We saw our first Punch and Judy show, and it was quite impressive and really funny.

Cable CarPunch and Judy Show

We enjoyed the views from on top of the hill and on the inside of the hill in its dark caves.

Looking Down on MatlockIn the Caves

But the most important thing we accomplished during their visit was get Djamo reacquainted with our friend Yasmin. They already met last New Year’s Eve, but they didn’t really make a good impression on one another. This trip it was a different story, very different. From the first night here, sparks started flying between them. With some encouragement and secret cheering on from the side from us, (semi-)dates happened and Djamo and Yasmin are kind of an item now! There’s nothing better than seeing two people you love, make each other happy and create more love. Yep, I am a romantic.

On the Cable CarOn the Cable Car

Saying goodbye to the Dutchies is no longer a sad happening, because we know the next time we meet will be sooner rather than later. Especially now in the case of Djamo, as he will be needing to visit Buxton to see his lovely new (not-yet-official, but really who are they kidding?) girlfriend. As a matter of fact, he’ll be back as early as next week! Which is perfect since Yasu’s parents will be visiting and he’s never met them before. Since he’ll be going to Japan next year, it’ll be great for him to get to know some people who live there and he can meet up with once there. Looking forward to next week!

About to Leave BuxtonUntil Next Time!


11 thoughts on “Moem and Djamo in Buxton Again!

  1. So nice that you have the opportunity to see your family more often now :)

    For my wife it is still hard not see her parents for so long time. For example she hasn’t seen her dad since our wedding in 2013 and she still needs to wait till late summer this year till we fly to China again.

    I on the other hand got too much of my parents each day now as they live just two floor below us :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha, I can imagine the “too much” part, especially with them living in the same building. Even though it’s nice to see my family so often now, it is also nice to be in another country so you can really build your own life, your own way.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, your brother went to Africa to protect gorillas! I can’t even imagine having an adventure like that. I hope he is having a wonderful time in Japan too! It’s great that you can meet your family so often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right?! That Africa stuff is too much adventure for me. He is having a great time in Japan so far. Wish I could join him there for a bit to show him around, but being 30 weeks pregnant it’s better to stay here.


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