Birthday Pastries

Another year, another birthday. Nothing special this year, we’ve been busy and it has kind of snuck up on us. We’ve already had visitors and more are on the way, next week and next month. Yasu is hoping to get a full-time position as an Academic Lead at the University of Derby, so over the past few weeks we’ve been working on and preparing for his application, presentation, and job interview. We hope to have good news soon. Also, I’m hoping this will be my last birthday as a non-mother. Today I am double the age my mom was when she had me and it is about time for me to become a mom myself. We’ve been trying, so actually we hope to have double good news soon.

Happy Husband in the Ramen AisleUnion Jack

Today we relaxed and hung out with friends. First, our friend Yasmin and her Union Jack Mini Cooper drove us to Derby to have a look at Yasu’s potential future workplace at the University. We also went to a small Asian supermarket so a very happy Yasu could stock up on instant ramen and other goodies.

Birthday TreatsJapanese Birthday Lunch

We went for some birthday treats at a Starbucks Drive-To. We’ve seen the Drive-Thru and Drive-In versions before, this was our first Drive-To, is it a UK term? Who knows. Lunch was Japanese in Derby, dinner was American in Buxton with Kahn and  Cathy, at night Matt and Kristel joined all of us for some dessert at our place. Low-key but enjoyable birthday, and now I’m 34. Funnily enough it hurts less than turning 30 did.

Kahn, Yasu & YasminLou & Cathy


8 thoughts on “34

    • Oh wow, can’t imagine not celebrating my birthday. Birthdays were always a big deal when I was young and they still are, kind of. Mine is in August, so I have never had school on my birthday and after I started working I always had my birthday off. We always make time to celebrate. Hard to imagine you haven’t celebrated it for 13 years… But if you don’t mind, no problem.


  1. Profiteroooooooles!
    I always feel awkward celebrating my own birthday. I’d rather spend it quietly with YJ, or dinner with friendsーsans presentsーit’s a good way to get people together when everyone’s always busy. :)
    Also my birthday is in January and it’s usually cold and horrible, so my motivation is zeroooo. Was find when I was in Oz though! :D

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