Gyano and Bente in Buxton Again!

Emoticon Stone

Our first visitors of the summer were Gyano and Bente! They are the first people to stay at our new place in our extra room, which is a guest room for now but will be a nursery in the future. I think they liked it, especially the view when waking up.

Visiting DutchiesGood morning Buxton

First they visited Bente’s sister in London and then they traveled north to Buxton. So they went from enjoying big city life to a tiny spa town out in the English sticks. So we took them to the park in front of our building to feed the ducks and geese. It was raining, which is to be expected since we live in England.

Feeding the GeeseFeeding Ducks in the Rain

The nice thing about rain is that most people stay inside, so the park and its playground were nice and empty. And big kids that we are, we certainly took advantage of that!


There’s even an adult playground in the park, which sounds bad, but it just means lots of workout machines outside in the park.

Pushing Out and UpRunningSteeringSwaying

I took the Dutchies to Lyme Park. I had never been there before myself and all I knew was that they filmed the TV show Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth) there. One of the privileges of my current bank account was free tickets to this place, so we went to check it out.

Lyme Park Entrance TicketsSouth Front Lyme

It was quite a hike from the bus stop, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the Lyme Park grounds were vast and beautiful.

Almost There JumpJumping Couple

The buildings were pretty and very English. I need to go back with Yasu someday, because I know he will love this place. This place will look uber-European to his Japanese eyes, so he’ll love it!

Deer Park CageNorth Front Gateway

Lucky for us big kids, there were plenty of old-fashioned games to be played in the Lyme Park Gardens, which kept us busy for quite a while.

Playing CroquetJugglerOld Fashioned BowlingWinner!

It was fun to show around my littlest brother and his girlfriend again, and now I am looking forward to a visit from my other little brother and mom later this month. Also Yasu’s parents after that, 2014 summer will be our Summer of Visitors! Or who knows, maybe 2014 will turn out to be the Year of Visitors for us. We’ve already had visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, the States, and soon Japan. We keep resetting the record!

Brother and Sister CokesSaying Goodbye


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