Buxton’s Well Dressings

Our Favorite Buxton Well Beautifully Dressed

Once a year, artists in Buxton create beautiful and huge pictures of flower petals and decorate the local water wells with them. This is what the well, from which we always get our water, looks like now. It’s really beautiful and quite remarkable what they’ve created from petals and leaves.

Summer Festival

It seems to be Buxton’s biggest summer event and it’s complete with a fun fair, with expensive and dangerous rides, on the Market and a parade all through town. I’ve never seen Buxton so crowded!

Buxton ParadeBuxton Parade

The whole town is decorated, even construction sites like the Buxton Crescent, and there are dance performances all over the park. It’s really nice to see our little town come so alive, it’s quite exciting. Oh and noisy!

Crescent GraffitiKilted Performers


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