Japan’s Delicious Sticks

Colorful and cute packaging

Umaibo is what’s hidden Inside these colorful packages with a cat character named Umaemon. These ‘delicious sticks’ are cylindrical puffed corn snacks and come in many flavors. Yasu absolutely loves these, they are cheap and tasty. He has fond childhood memories of his granddad giving him a few yen every day after school and going to the local konbini (convenience store) and spending it on Umaibo.

Bought himself a childhood memoryHappy Husband with his Umaibo

Yasu doesn’t buy a lot of things for himself, but when we were shopping for souvenirs in Kyoto today and he spotted a pack of Umaibo in 10 different flavors, he was off to the cash register! A pack of Umaibo makes a very happy husband, apparently!

Time to attack the UmaiboHis all-time #1 favorite Umaibo tastes like corn potage

We quickly found a nice spot to sit down and have an impromptu Umaibo tasting party. Of course, I wanted to sample all of the different flavors as well, and they actually tasted pretty authentic. The sticks have a similar consistency to Cheetos, so they’re very light and crispy and are covered in powder which gives the Umaibo its taste. It was really fun to try them all and it was great to see Yasu as happy as a child. He was especially happy that his all-time number one favorite Umaibo (Corn Potage taste – picture on the right) was in the pack as well, and of course he saved the best for last.


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