Never Dreamed


After years of family drama, a secret marriage, an international escape, and Yasu hiding out in different countries, today was surreal. It’s all over. One very determined Japanese mom seizing her one and only chance (her son being back in Japan for a short visit) had a very clear dream and goal and she made it happen. She didn’t mind that she had some rather hesitant participants, she pushed through and brought about a family reconciliation.

It all happened waiting for and during lunch at our favorite kaitenzushi place. Like Yasu, I was shocked to see Yasu’s father suddenly appear in front of us. I had basically no idea what was happening, since they were all speaking Japanese. So I just kept a close eye on Yasu and his body language and I knew I would take my cue from whatever he did. When we were escorted to our table I quickly checked in with Yasu to make sure everything was okay.

That was one surreal lunch. Something I never even dreamed would happen. Still not quite sure what was said to make this happen I sat there like a grinning teenager, feeling grateful for a potential end to family drama. His family asked whether we were married and we confirmed and they asked if they were allowed to celebrate that with us. Of course!

We ate loads of yummy sushi and at the urging of Yasu’s father I finally tried natto and uni sushi, another thing I never dreamed would happen. And it won’t happen again. Yeah, I don’t like either, but I sure am glad I finally tried these items that scared me during all my years in Japan. And I’m very pleased about the resolution of years of family drama. What an unforgettable lunch this was.

Unagi & Natto SushiTrying natto for the first and last time


5 thoughts on “Never Dreamed

  1. Awww, what a lovely story! Was it all Yasu’s mother’s planning! What a smart and openhearted woman. It’s not easy to get people to come together after a falling outーbut I’m sure everyone is happier for it now. :) Also…I can eat natto maki (when the gooey stuff is tightly wrapped in the middle of the rice and seaweed, but any other time it’s just too sticky, haha! :D

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    • Yeah, I guess the worst part about natto is idea of it and its slimey stickiness. Oh and the smell, of course! Not so much the actual taste. But when you eat your eyes and nose help in “tasting” something, and it made me gag. I once ate natto maki, all the way in the beginning picked a roll up in the supermarket, I thought it was tuna-mayo. Remember it tasting weird, not at all what I expected. I did not finish it. Only later I realized it had been natto, and I had forgotten the taste. Honestly I have forgotten the taste again. Just the slimey sensation of a mouth full that makes me gag stays with me :))).

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      • Yeah, it’s a tricky one to get overーand tbh probably not worth the trauma involved, haha!! YJ loves a super combo of kimchi (which I love), natto (nnngh) and mozoku seaweed (sooo slimy) and raw egg on rice. I refuse to try it in case it puts me off my beloved kimchi. So. Much. Slime. D:

        Thinking something is one thing and finding out it’s something else is the worst!! Even if the accidental thing isn’t so bad, just the fact that you were expecting something different makes it gross. I’ve had that with mayo bread (I thought it was the cream cheese bread I normally got) and countless times with anko doughnuts. T-T I’ve been more careful about checking labels since then.


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