Last to Leave

My mom has been here for more than two glorious weeks, but sadly today she had to go home.

We had so much fun and quality time together. One of the biggest drawbacks of living abroad is being far away from your family. Of course, with today’s technology we are all in constant contact with each other, but nothing is as good as a real visit, when you can really hug and kiss someone.

She now knows her way around Buxton, Manchester and everywhere in between by bus, so she is confident she can make it to the airport herself. We dropped her off at the bus stop here in Buxton and spent a few more minutes together.

Unfortunately, the bus came much too quickly and we had to say goodbye, but I have a feeling she will be back soon. This year.

We live so close to the Netherlands now, she’ll be unstoppable. And we don’t mind at all!


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