Moem at Corbar Cross

Today we did it. We finally convinced my mom to hike up to Corbar Cross with us!

We’ve been talking about going up there way before she even arrived here two weeks ago. But she simply would not be convinced to come up there with us until today. Not even on New Year’s Day when all her kids went up there. Too cold and wet for her, even though she had enough gear to protect her from the elements, she even bought waterproof and warm hiking boots especially…

She’s leaving Buxton tomorrow, so today was our last chance. She was saying things like “we’ll do it next time I’m in Buxton”, but I was adamant. I knew she would love it up there, and there’s no time like the present. I’m still not sure how we changed her mind today, but she came! And as predicted she absolutely loved it!

I think she’s become quite the country gal up there on Corbar Hill.

She and Yasu even ended up chasing a herd of sheep, until one of them angrily stamped back at them and they finally hurried back.  I was happy they were safe again until they tried to get the attention of a Longhorn Buffalo Bull, which was even scarier than stamping sheep. Luckily, the bull couldn’t care less about them yelling at him and they gave up and climbed down the hill with me back down to Buxton.

I knew she would love it up there, and she sure is happy she climbed up Corbar Hill with us!


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