Birthday in Manchester

This guy used to be my tiny little brother, but he’s a full grown man now who turned 27 today! I can’t believe it. To celebrate the visiting Dutchies and I took a train to Manchester today.

As soon as we arrived in Manchester, we made it our business to terrorize the streets with our signature blend of crazy energy and happy chaos.

No birthday is complete without a cake. This was Djamo’s birthday cake, a secretly bought chocolate cupcake, which I am happy to report brought a big smile to his face. Apparently, it also tasted good.

When we got to the Piccadilly Gardens, we discovered the huge Ferris wheel and some beautifully and colorfully lit-up water fountains.

No matter what one’s age is, water makes you happy and behave like a child. And no matter how cold it is, we’re going to want to get as close to the water as possible, and play with it, and get wet. Mission accomplished.

And no matter how scared of heights I am, I am always going to want to try the Ferris Wheel. So we went on it. And I was terrified, so was Bente, and my brothers teased us, and we screamed. It was a blast.

Before we headed back to Buxton, we drank way too many 2-for-the-price-of-1 cocktails. I do believe Djamo enjoyed his birthday in Manchester. We all did. A lot.


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