New Year’s Hike

New Year’s Day. A day to start afresh, by howling away last year’s troubles and worries with the wind from the highest point in Buxton:

The weather today was pretty horrid, but this was my only chance to bring my brothers up to Corbar Cross with me, so we went anyway. It was raining pretty badly when we left, but luckily the weather got better and better the nearer we came to Corbar Cross.

By the time we were on top, right under the cross, the rain was gone, but it was windy as heck. Quite refreshing actually.

We had way too much fun ‘hanging’ in the wind:

Climbing on top of the Corbar Cross pillar made Djamo feel like the king of Buxton:

I’m glad we didn’t let the weather scare us and that I came here with my little brothers. We made a bunch of good memories here.

I really like this photo of Djamo, he reminds me so much of the little boy he used to be, he’s a full-grown adult turning 27 tomorrow, but that cute kid is still in there:

We made it back down the hill, and it was slippery! All the rain turned the sand into mud, and we happened to choose the steep way down… Yes, I basically slid my way down, screaming all the way, providing entertainment for my fellow hikers. But hey, I only fell on my bum once, I didn’t get that dirty, and made it all the way home without a broken bone. Success.


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