Brothers in Buxton

After a half day of work today, I rushed to Buxton to meet some of my favorite people:

Yup, the brothers have arrived in Buxton! Not just that, they’ve arrived looking like a pair of twins. We’d better not let those two go shopping together anymore.

Our little apartment is a full house now, with my mom, my two brothers, and Gyano’s girlfriend Bente. Thankfully, we have two bathrooms and now two air beds in the studio (currently a.k.a. dormitory). It’s a good thing we no longer live in America or Japan, this many people would never have fit then.

Of course, we made sure everyone’s bellies were filled as well, England-style. Dinner was a lovely afternoon tea and tea was fish and chips at the pub… Confused? Yeah, I often get confused too. Here they refer to lunch with “dinner” and to dinner with “tea”. Ha, you’re probably still confused.

Everyone’s here, let’s make some memories!


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