Christmas in Buxton

It’s been several years since my mom and I have celebrated Christmas together, so this year is very special!

My mom has cooked many turkeys for Christmases in the past, and today was the first time for her to try my turkey. This is only the second time I’m trying to cook one, with a new pan, a new oven, and in a new country, so I was anxious for it to go well. My mom gave me the best compliment, after seeing me prepare the turkey and eating it: “Now, I finally know how to cook a turkey right”. Yay!

This year is also the first time Yasu and I had an actual Christmas tree! Our places in Japan and California were just too small for a tree, but now we have space for a tree and a fake fireplace.

The neighbors came over to celebrate with us and they had the best “ugly-Christmas-sweaters” ever!

We all cooked some food and ended up with a yummy Christmas buffet:

Of course, being in England, we did the whole Christmas cracker thing. Yup, pretty fun. Especially the colorful crowns.

We had a great first Christmas in Buxton. We hope to repeat it again next year, perhaps with even more family members in attendance.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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