Moem in Buxton

Guess who I picked up at the airport this morning?! My sweet mother!

She didn’t know I was picking her up, because she was going to try the trip from the airport to Buxton by herself, like a proper big girl. I wanted to surprise her anyways, a bit like she did in 2004, but I was almost too late. You know, the buses here in the High Peak Area aren’t the most punctual. When I was hurrying to the arrivals gate, she was making her way to the bus station and we completely missed each other.

I was hanging around the gate to surprise her when she texted me that she had successfully made it to the bus station and that her bus would leave in 5 minutes. Aah! I slightly panicked (buses to Buxton only go twice an hour), ran back to the bus station, saw her sitting waiting next to the bus to Buxton, creeped up from behind her, and hugged her. She was completely surprised,  and startled. Score! I was so happy I was able to surprise her and she was happy I picked her up after all. Turns out she knows me and was kind of expecting me at the arrivals gate. When I wasn’t there she was a little disappointed that I had listened to her, for a change. So I got to surprise her when she was totally not expecting it anymore, hehe.

Of course, we had the best time catching up during the long bus ride home and even during the climb up from downtown Buxton to our house on the super high hill. My mom, she’s a strong lady she is,  she made it all the way up there with her heavy luggage, with a bit of help from her daughter of course.

I’m so excited to have my mom with us in Buxton! Tonight we gave her a quick tour of Yasu’s University, she treated us to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (it is our 4th wedding anniversary today as well), and we treated her to a play at the local theater. She’s already loving Buxton and I can’t wait to show her all around town in the next two weeks. And even better my brothers will also be joining us soon!


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