Halloween in Buxton

It’s that time of year again. When pumpkins are everywhere in the shops, either as a flavor or ingredient in so many regular products, and the actual squash to be used as decoration or to be eaten. Pumpkins this time a year are especially popular in America, but it’s fun to see them in England as well. I enjoy seeing all these seasonal products, but the most I usually partake in this pumpkin party is to drink a PSL at Starbucks. But not this year, since there’s no Starbucks in Buxton.

I have wanted to carve a pumpkin for ages though. I’ve never done it and for 3 years in a row I have stood in the Halloween aisle of an American supermarket contemplating buying a carving set and pumpkin, and for some reason always decided against it. The same happened today with Yasu at an English supermarket. But we did decide to start a pumpkin carving tradition once we have a little one to share it with.

And of course, it’s not really Halloween without some zombie sighting. I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen this year, until our neighbors called us over to their place for a minute to quickly help them with something. I innocently thought they were hanging a heavy picture frame and were dangerously balancing on top of a chair and needed us to save them. So we hurry over, walk into their place and it’s pitch black. We hesitate to continue as they flip the switch and… well, freaked us the hell out!

Geez, they nearly gave me heart attack. At first, when I saw these freaks I did not recognize them, so I screamed and slammed the door back shut. Go on tell me that you would not have screamed.Yasu was startled and lucky since he only caught a glimpse. Anyways, it was scary and hilarious.

Meet our lovely neighbors, Matt the Creepy Clown and Kristel the Hungry Zombie:

One of them likes to chop the other up and the other likes to dine on bunnies:

These guys really did a great job on their costuming and in petrifying us. Maybe next year we can return the fright.

Happy Halloween!


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