House on the Hill

A week ago we arrived in Buxton, UK. We were very eager to find a new home, so we immediately went to the local estate agent offices.

For a month, we had been ogling a beautiful 4 bedroom house on a British estate agent app. Unfortunately, the estate agent managing that property only allowed people who have been living in the UK for more than 6 months to rent from them. That was pretty disappointing.

Luckily, the other estate agents were much more flexible. On Friday, we did numerous house viewings around Buxton. We saw some nice apartments, some awful ones, and one really awesome apartment in this House on one of Buxton’s Hills.

We knew we wanted it, pretty much immediately. But we weren’t the only ones. We had to be patient all the way through a 3-day weekend (damn those Bank Holidays) to find out that we are allowed to rent it!

Our first floor apartment (second floor for Americans) has a living room, two bedrooms, a large bathroom with jacuzzi tub, en suite shower room, and a kitchen with all appliances (even a washer/dryer). The building has an elevator (which will be great when we move furniture in), there’s parking, and a communal entrance where we will receive mail and packages.

Oh and did you notice the huge landscaped garden around our building? The photos only show as far as the fountain, but it’s still quite a hike down the hill from the pond to the street. So it’s nice and quiet.

During our second viewing we took some quick measurements, and I was able to draw a floor plan to give you an idea of the place. I didn’t measure the kitchen and bathrooms, so those are drawn by guesstimate.

We are so excited to move in. We’re tired of living out of our suitcases, we left our place in Fruitvale on July 30th. That’s almost a month ago…

Unfortunately, we have to muster up a little more patience. The company that does the inventory and check-in at our new building does not have an opening until Monday. Grmpf. Life in England is pretty slow and during weekends everything stops. Oh well, at least we’re making friends at the local coffee shop, where we spend our days waiting.

Four more sleeps and then we get to sleep in our new apartment!


2 thoughts on “House on the Hill

  1. This is excellent! Well done!had to laugh at the last part as I think life here in N America goes at a glacial pace compared to my London…but then I think that could be the difference between large city and small town maybe, and for you as well.
    You did really well on that flat! emily


  2. Emily, it probably is the difference between large city vs small town. Except for the waiting forever to be able to move in, I'm really like small town life. It's beautiful, quiet, clean and safe, all things we didn't experience in the Bay Area. But who knows what I'll be feeling during the inevitable culture shock…


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