England Owl Giveaway

Our big intercontinental move is almost finished! We’ll be taking an international train to England this week! We hope to be settled in and have fully started our new British adventure by the time the winner of this giveaway will be announced on September 1st. In honor of our new country of residence, I have made an English owl. It has the flag of England on its front and the British flag on its back.

You can gather a total of four entries to win this owl keychain. One by leaving a comment on this blog post (include your email address), another by reposting the giveaway on instagram (reposting multiple times does not increase your entries), a third by liking+commenting on the original giveaway photo on the eleventh monkey facebook page, and a fourth entry by sharing the giveaway on your facebook wall.

He will be given away in two weeks, good luck!

Last giveaway’s winner:


7 thoughts on “England Owl Giveaway

  1. Adorable! I am a big fan of England cuteness right now, as I'm working on a concept for our bedroom that's kind of Doctor Who Kawaii. This is perfect! I'm glad I found your shop, your work is fantastic ♥



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