Cupcake Owl Giveaway

Lots has been going on in the last two weeks. We had our farewell party, we moved out of our place, and right now were enjoying our farewell roadtrip. I have lots of photos and memories to share, and will probably squeeze them in between posts here in the future. All I have time for now is the bi-weekly owl giveaway.

Next week is my 33rd birthday, so I decided to make a cupcake owl! With lots of creamy frosting and colorful sprinkles.

You can gather a total of 4 entries to win this owl keychain. One by leaving a comment on this blog post (include your email address), another by reposting the giveaway on instagram (reposting multiple times does not increase your entries), a third by liking+commenting on the original giveaway photo on the eleventh monkey facebook page, and a fourth entry by sharing the giveaway on your facebook wall. He will be given away in two weeks, good luck!

Last giveaway’s winner:


5 thoughts on “Cupcake Owl Giveaway

  1. I love owls and I especially love this cupcake one it's so cute my e-mail is
    Sorry I wrote it again its cuz I wrote my email wrong on the last post n I jus really think I hav a chance I hope :)


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