Moving on

You know, I used to fantasize about moving. As a little girl who had only known one house and neighborhood, I fantasized about a new place and a new school. Not because I wanted to leave, more because I wanted something excitingly new.

Many years later, I am typing a post about us moving to the UK from our apartment in America, to which my husband and I moved from Japan. This will be the fifteenth time I’m moving house since fantasizing about it as a little girl. I’ve lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Japan and now I’m packing to move to a whole new country, a whole new culture.

I guess I got what I asked for!

We’ll be moving to England so that Yasu can work on a PhD in Sports Psychology and so that I can have the freedom to work (bye bye American restrictions for international students). And you know, perhaps start working on some kids…

But before we fly back to Europe, we’re going on our last American road trip! For 8 days, we’ll finally be using our American drivers licenses while we squeeze in a bunch of places and people we still want to see. This is our route:

We’ve decided to travel ‘light’. We’re only allowing ourselves to bring to England whatever fits in our four suitcases and two carry-on bags. It’s amazing how quickly those things fill up. Almost all of our stuff (large and small) has found a new home, already.

I am still looking for new homes for my inventory of handmade plushies, and have therefore opened a new instagram account – @eleventhmonkeyshop – where I am selling all of them at bottom prices. So if you have been thinking of buying an owl keychain or cupcake topper, or perhaps some plush earrings or plush brooch, now is the time! Just leave your PayPal email and country under a photo and I’ll send you an invoice. One more week for these cuties to find a new home:


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