I love me some Facetime

Living far away from family can be hard. I remember 9 years ago when I was an exchange student at Emory University near Atlanta and really missing my family. Back then our only way of ‘live’ contact were long distance phonecalls. One time I was talking to my mom and my roommate and I took a photo with her digital camera, the first one I ever saw in my life, and we emailed it to her. We were so amazed. We could show my mom almost the exact moment we were talking to her, even though she was on the other side of the world. That was something.

Then we discovered Skype. That was something too! Yasu and I maintained our ridiculously long-distance-relationship between Europe and Japan for 3 years via Skype. And after I moved to Japan, I used Skype to keep in touch with my family in the Netherlands.

Now we all have iPhones and Facetime, which makes sharing our lives with each other, no matter where we are on the globe even easier. I wonder what other amazing things the future brings.

Today we had a nice family gathering on Facetime. Yasu and I were on this side of the globe and Yasu’s little brother Hiro, my little brother Gyano and his girlfriend Bente were on the other side.

Hiro currently lives in Germany, I got a chance to see him when I was visiting the Netherlands last November, but Yasu hasn’t seen his brother since we left Japan in 2010. Hiro visited Gyano and we took that opportunity to Facetime, which was really fun. Hopefully Yasu and Hiro get to meet each other in real life soon.

This reminds of another Facetime family gathering somewhere last week. My mom was at home with her iPad, my brother was in his car waiting for his girlfriend with his iPhone, and I was at home with my iPhone and MacBook. We all had things to say to each other, but Facetime (for now) only works between 2 users. So this is how I solved it:

I put the mic and speakers of my MacBook and iPhone near eachother and we all got to hear and speak to eachother!


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