Watermelon Owl Giveaway

Time for another bi-weekly owl giveaway. Summer has been here for a while and so have watermelons, and now there’s a watermelon owl keychain. I was actually snacking on watermelon chunks when I sewing up this little feltie.

This yummy cutie will be given away in two weeks, so make sure you get your entries in before June 23rd. Either here by leaving a comment below this post, or by reposting on instagram and liking+commenting on facebook. Good luck!

Here’s the winner of the last giveaway:


7 thoughts on “Watermelon Owl Giveaway

  1. VERYYY cute! Owl's are my college's mascot so I would love to show off this guy!
    cutiepielmc at optonline dot net


  2. Listen, you all do understand that this little cuty owl will be mine?! I'm a big fan of watermelon! And this cuty will look great at my keychain! Lou, i love your cuties! 😃😃😃


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