Master Yasu

In 2010 we moved to the United States so that Yasu could start a Master Program in Counseling Psychology. He finished that in December and today was his graduation ceremony!
So he got to wear that really cool gown and cap, you always see graduates wear in movies! A little photoshoot was in order:
His graduation ceremony took place at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, which provided a beautiful backdrop for photos.
And it’s a perfect place to get your daily jumping in:
The commencement ceremony was inside the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, and it was pretty packed. Lots of people were graduating from Bachelors, Masters and Doctors Programs (all listed in a booklet) and even more people came to see people receive their degrees. Our friend Idonnah joined me in the audience.
When I received my Master’s degree in 2006, I forgot to bring my camera. A friend brought an emergency low-quality digital camera in the end, which was better than nothing, but of course I regretted not bringing my own, especially since I used to bring it almost everywhere.
So today I made sure I brought my Canon camera and of course my iPhone. When Yasu was about to receive his degree I crouched right in front of the stage and had two goals. I would get a video with my iPhone and great photos with my ‘real’ camera. It didn’t go quite as planned. I guess I kind of have a graduation-photo-curse.
I positioned my iPhone video-ready on the stage and all I had to was touch it to turn the camera on at the right time. But somehow I had already turned it on, so when I thought I turned it on to film Yasu I actually turned it off again, and when I thought I turned it off I turned it on again… And I didn’t notice I was filming everything else but what I wanted to film, because I was trying to work my Canon to take photos.
Well, I did manage to take some photos… Yet, I had neglected my Canon for so long (blame it on the iPhone) I really wasn’t as comfortable with it anymore. I was way too slow to clearly capture Yasu receiving his degree: he was moving at turbo-speed. These fuzzies are all I got:
1. Yasu’s name get called and he walks up to the front of the stage.
2. Yasu shakes the school president’s hand and receives his degree.
3. Yasu quickly taking off again.
After the ceremony, when all the graduates were leaving the stage in lines, I went back up to the front to make sure I got a good photo of him on the stage. But Yasu had already left via the backstage exit and already taken his gown off! Oh, Yasu.
A phonecall later we had him back on the empty stage in his graduation outfit and we took some photobooth pictures with Idonnah:
At the reception we encountered a bunch of our friends and Yasu’s fellow graduates and they were all elated and slightly crazy:
And jumpy:
After the ceremony, Jenny’s wonderful parents took us all to dinner at a hidden gem of a restaurant called Scoma’s for the most delicious celebratory dinner. It was great to meet Jenny’s parents and boyfriend and to catch up with Jenny and Hannah. It was the perfect end to a great day.
I’m very proud of my hubbie, Master Yasu!

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