Mother’s Day My Way

When I was a child, I would get up early on Mother’s Day and bring my mom breakfast in bed and a gift. Both the breakfast and the gift were made by me, she always ate the breakfast (quite brave) and always treasured her present.
I love traditions and keeping them alive. Especially when they involve handmade gifts that require some extra love and effort, so the recipients can really feel how much they mean to me.
Tomorrow it’s Mother’s Day. My mom lives in the Netherlands and I live in the States. I can’t send her homemade breakfast over the post, but I can surely send her handmade gifts.
iPhones are how we connect on a daily basis. Even though we live on different continents, we are still very much part of each other’s lives, and we use iMessage, Facetime and other apps to do that. So her iPhone is important and therefore it requires protection.
My mom is obsessed with cows, she thinks they’re the cutest thing ever and has a large collection of cow plushies (only some made by me) and all kinds of other cow trinkets.
So I made her an iPhone case, disguised as a cow:
Currently, NerdWallet is hosting a Mother’s Day Your Way contest. They’re collecting blog post entries about the best Mother’s Day presents under $25. 
My handmade Cow iPhone 4 Case is defintely the best present for my mom this Mother’s Day. I’m sure my mom will love it. I hope she will treasure it and show it off to her friends, like she did with all the other Mother’s Day gifts I made her as a child.
I had to make sure not to post my entry for the contest too early, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for my mom. But it’s past midnight in the Netherlands now, so she should be sound asleep.
Below are a few photos of my beautiful mom and I, from my last visit to the Netherlands. 
Yep, these were made using an app on our iPhones!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day My Way

  1. You & your mum are too cute!! Great pictures together.. My mum & I live apart too but she refuses to get a smartphone (or even internet for that matter) so it's often quite hard to keep in touch..


  2. Natalija, I wonder what the appeal of cows are? Perhaps it's the spots?

    Moem, I'm so happy!

    Caz, your mom ought to talk to my mom. It took me a while to convince her to get an iPhone, but now she loves it! And so do I. It's so valuable, especially when you can't be together in real life, it really is the next best thing.


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