It’s no secret I’m baby crazy. If we were somewhat settled somewhere in the world, I would very likely already be a mom. But for now I still have to be patient, so I just go around loving other people’s babies.
Today our friends, the new parents, went for a movie and left Yasu and I to babysit little Sam. Yay! 

I had been so excited ever since they asked us a few days ago, and it was all I hoped for. I absolutely loved taking care of this little angel.

I also really enjoyed seeing Yasu with Sam. He got to love on Sam, take him for an evening walk through the neighborhood, and even got to practice his diaper-changing skills after two big poops and he did so well! He’s going to be such a lovely dad to our kids.

The boys also got to play with the ukelele today. Sam seemed to really enjoy being serenaded by Yasu, it kept him fascinated and quiet for a really long time.

Then it was time for Sam to show Yasu how one plays a ukelele properly. I think Yasu learned a lot.

Hours flew by and I was actually a little dissapointed when our friends came back from their movie, because we were having so much fun with little Sam.

But I’m sure our friends will need another break soon, and I will jump at the chance to babysit again!


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