Back to the dancefloor

Today was SambaFunk’s first class of the year, and it was busy:
No doubt this happens in all workout classes in the month of January, when people are still very motivated to do something with their get-fit-resolutions for the new year. I must admit it’s a bit too crowded for comfort, but hey it would be nice if all these people stick around and join in the Carnaval parade later this year.
After way too many weeks of absence due to my month-long trip to the Netherlands and holiday craft fairs, I was very happy to be back in class again and to dance with all my SambaFunk brothers and sisters. And as you can see, so was Yasu!

Today was the first Sunday of the month, which is when we show our colors. Purple is Theo’s favorite color and therefore the official SambaFunk color. Don’t we all look beautiful in purple?!

Soon San Francisco classes will start again as well! We were so sad when the studio closed where we used to dance in SF, but Theo has found a new studio and I can’t wait to be SambaFunkin’ twice a week again. Especially since it will be Carnaval before we know it!

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