New Year’s challenges

A brand new year. 
That kind of snuck up on me. There were so many more things I wanted to do and accomplish in 2012. Why do days, weeks, and months pass by so quickly? I always feel like I’m catching up. 
In an effort to take charge of my time and to turn my ideas into actual projects, I’ve made a list of goals for 2013. I have made New Year’s resolutions before, but I never wrote them down nor taken them seriously. But this time, I will! So here we go. 
1. Be more flexible 
My obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (not to be confused with OCD) leads me to be very perfectionistic. Honestly, I like my perfectionism but it makes me very inefficient, which is why I always feel time flies at turbospeed. I also experience an uncomfortable amount of stress when situations or people don’t follow my (unwritten and only-known-to-me) rules. I will do my very best to be more flexible in all aspects of life, so I can be more productive and happier. 
2. Be more aware 
I want to appreciate and enjoy daily experiences to the fullest. So I will try to be more aware of: how things taste; how I relate to my husband, my family and my friends; how life in a foreign country and culture teaches me things about myself and the world; how creating makes me feel satisfaction; how dancing makes me feel alive. 
3. Blog every week 
I love blogs; I love having my own blog to record my adventures. It’s great to go through old blog posts and go down a very well-illustrated memory lane. I will get back to regular blogging. Every week, I will blog about something current and I will blog a flashback post. I have yet to share a lot of fun memories. 
4. Dance in the Carnaval Grand Parade 
Last year, I joined SambaFunk a few weeks before Carnaval is celebrated in San Francisco. I passed down the opportunity to dance with them in the Grand Parade, because it scared me a little. Instead, I cheered them on from the sidelines and completely regretted not dancing down the streets with them. This year I will not make the same mistake! 
5. Publish a pattern book 
I recently purchased a Wacom Tablet to make digital drawing easier. This year, I’m going to use it to create more patterns, and when I have enough I will publish a pattern book. 
This is not an easy list for me, but that’s the whole point, right? I challenge myself to achieve these goals; they are important to me and well worth the effort. 
Yasu’s challenge for today was to cook one of his favorite Japanese winter dishes: oden. He succeeded fabulously, and I’m sure his wife will request him to cook this again in the near future.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s challenges

  1. Eens kijken of het nu wel lukt. Ik ben een anoniem persoon die heeeeeeeeeeel ver weg woont maar toch dichtbij is :-).


  2. Ja, het ligt aan het mobiele platform van iPad en iPhone. Als ik via iPhone een comment probeer achter te laten dan wordt ie ook opgegeten. Heb al een vraag naar Blogger/Google weggedaan om te kijken wat de oplossing is. Voor nu kun je dus alleen commenten op 'echte' computers. Als dit zo door blijft gaan zal ik op zoek gaan naar een andere comment service waar je wel mee kunt commenten via iPad en iPhone. Maar ik hoop dat Blogger/Google snel met een oplossing komt.


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