Mouse pdf pattern

I finally finished another pdf pattern, more than a year after the first one. Of course, it takes rather a long time to put one together, I knew that, but almost 17 months is a tad ridiculous. I’m trying to promise myself to quicken things up a bit and have at least one more finished before the end of summer.
I started working on new pdf patterns at the beginning of this year. I got out my markers and started drawing out some steps and ideas. My first pattern was basically a step-by-step photo tutorial with some vector images of stitches and of course the actual pattern. I still like that pattern, but my colorful drawings made me imagine a whole new comic-book-style-look for my new pattern tutorials.
I knew turning marker drawings into actual vector images on my computer would take an insane amount of time (since I basically have no idea what I’m doing and learning just by trying things out) so I was procrastinating. Then one of my lovely customers actually requested a pattern for one of my mice, so I decided to go for it. I spent nearly two months trying out different stitches on a mouse (as I had never hand stitched a mouse before), and creating vector images on my computer.
When I finished my wrist and elbow were sore from hand stitching (which I’m not supposed to be doing anymore) and my fingers were sore from pushing down so hard on and dragging them over my mouse trackpad for hours and hours on end using Inkscape. But I was happy, because I love my new pattern! Here’s a little sneak peek:
My patient customer was happy too, and was so kind to send me pictures of the adorable creatures she stitched together using my patterns. Such pictures make my heart feel light and happy!

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