The Dutch versus the Germans

Today was the day the Netherlands was going to beat Germany in the European Football Championship. The mother of all football games, because of the longstanding football rivalry between the Dutch and the Germans
Every time there is a big championship funny commercials pop up of the Dutch making fun of the Germans, and the other way around. This year it’s McDonald’s using the rivalry to promote its burgers, this was the Dutch commercial:
And this was the German reaction:
So not only did we need to win this game to progress from the Group of Death to the knockout stage, but we also needed to win to beat those Germans. Problem was that those Germans are good, but the Dutch are good too, so we were full of hope.
We went to the Dutch Consulate again. We were the first to arrive in the patriotically decorated space and were soon joined by a crowd of orange-clad supporters.
We were all in orange spirits, not just in San Francisco, also at home in the Netherlands. I learned through iMessage that my family was all gathered around the TV to watch the game as well, and believe me that is unusual, especially for my mother and brother. So we all watched the game ‘together’ and we all moaned together when Germany scored twice, out loud and through iMessage.
My mom was getting bored and when she announced she was going to bed (it was early afternoon here, but evening in the Netherlands) the Dutch suddenly scored! An unimaginable roar of cheers and cries of happiness went through the Consulate, it was an awesome moment and it made everyone hopeful again. Even my mom, who decided to watch the rest of the game after all.
To our dissapointment, no more goals were made and the Germans won this game. It’s hard to believe that our national team has lost two games, but we’re not giving up hope yet, we’ll just have to beat Portugal on Sunday with two clear goals and hope the Germans beat the Danes… It’s going to be hard, but not impossible.

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