Orange cheering

After a great Koninginnedag in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park with a surprisingly large gathering of Dutchies, I’ve been wanting to go to another Dutch event with an orange dress code.
Right now, the European Football Championship is in full swing and of course the Dutch national team is competing as well. The Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco invited local Dutchies and friends to come watch the game at the Consulate, and we were happy to attend! We brought with us Yasu’s boss March, who is Dutch-American and very interested in anything Dutch and the Euro Cup.
The Dutch Consulate has really beautiful offices on the 31st floor of a building downtown, so it had an awesome view of San Francisco and the Bay.
But we were not there to enjoy the view, we were there to watch football – more commonly known as soccer in the States – and to cheer on the Dutch team. I never really used to care much about my country’s favorite sport, but there’s nothing like celebrating your nationality and cheering on your fellow countrymen when you’ve been abroad for so long.
I’ve only ever watched a few football games in which the Dutch national team were playing and so far I’ve never seen them win, including today. I kind of feel like their unlucky charm! Even during the last World Cup I didn’t see them win, even though they won all games, except the finale, which is the only one I saw (in Japan on a Dutch TV screen through Skype).
Today they lost against Denmark, so now I’m hoping they’ll beat Germany on Wednesday. We’ll be watching the game at the Consulate again, because it was such a nice place (it kind of felt like being in a Dutch living room) and it was so much fun to root for your team with so many other orange-fans!

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