Robin’s House of Art

Ever since Robin first told me about how she makes her beautiful pins, I’ve been so curious about her workspace, so I was one happy camper when I got to visit her today at her house/art studio. She lives in such a cute mazelike house, with so many rooms and so many things to look at. There’s color everywhere, and it feels like such a happy, creative and inspiring place.
She explained to me all the steps of creating her pins, and she warned me I might get bored, but of course it was super interesting! I can never get enough of looking at her pins, they always make me feel joy. They are all little pieces of art people can wear and carry with them everywhere. She has so many different ones, and so far it has been impossible for me to pick a favorite. 
Robin is a painter and besides her pins, earrings and necklaces she also creates the most amazing paintings, and they are all over the place brightening up the house.
Robin has so many interesting tools and supplies at her house, and she has many more creative skills besides painting. I can’t wait until next time when she going to teach me all about the art of stained glass!

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