Carnaval in San Francisco

Today was the big day, the day of the big Carnaval Parade in the Mission in San Francisco. I know actual Carnaval took place in February this year, but in San Francisco they shift the event a couple of months to be able to take advantage of better weather.
King Theo has been encouraging everyone in class to participate in the parade, and even though it sounded like fun, I didn’t feel quite confident enough after just four classes to dance with all the others in the parade. Instead I opted to cheer on everyone from the sidelines, and so did Jenny.
We took Yasu and David with us to admire all the beautiful Carnaval dancers and floats. SambaFunk! was the most impressive contingent in the parade, and yeah I realize I may be biased, but just look at them:
After the parade the party continued on Harrison street, where SambaFunk! performed on one of the stages and afterwards took its drumming and dancing party to the street.
It was so much fun, it’s hard to describe. It’s actually quite addicting, and I really regret not signing up to participate in the t-shirt section of the parade. Now I have to wait one whole year for Carnaval to come back to San Francisco. Thankfully, samba classes continue twice a week!

4 thoughts on “Carnaval in San Francisco

  1. You can see that is not brasilian carnaval. They dont know samba. They dont have samba no pe.It is fane. They have to go to Brasil to learn Samba, in Bahia,or in Rio de Janeiro.Sorry


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