A faux furry and funky surprise

At the beginning of this year I joined the Etsy Plush Street Team, just in time to sign up for their plush swap. This year in honor of Leap Day. And last night I received my Leap Day Swap Surprise from Green Elevator in a large box with some promising decorations:

I excitedly but carefully opened the box and something furry started climbing out:

I squeeled with delight when I met this funky monkey in one of my favorite color combinations, Dunkin’ Donuts’ pink and orange:

Oh, and check out his fabulous tail:

He is so stunning, incredibly well made and really soft. I couldn’t stop hugging and touching it. He’s made of some amazing faux fur fabric that’s making me want to get some for myself and start creating with it! But first I have to get ready for next week’s tiny on campus craft fair at my husband’s school, then I’ll hunt the city for some faux fur to experiment with.

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