Gambling and Cirque du Soleil

It’s our last full day in Vegas, so we decided to gamble a bit, you know to make our Vegas experience complete. Honestly we were doing it to kill some time before the Cirque du Soleil show and to get some free drinks, which we heard you get when you’re gambling.
We’re rather risk averse so we sought out machine that let you gamble one cent at the time and we only used one machine between the two of us. The gambling itself doesn’t require any skill, you just push the button over and over, and whether you understand the rules or not, you either win or lose. 
We told ourselves we wouldn’t spend more than $5 each on the slots, but we didn’t even need that much. The machines kept making us win our points back, and by the end of the night only spent $3.90 on almost 4 hours of gambling.
We gambled!
That was a fun way to kill time and an easy way to get free drinks. You can get whatever you want, and we got a lot, my favorite was probably the Baileys with hot coffee and whipped cream (see picture). I got myself another one just before we left for Cirque du Soleil, saving me a lot of money because their concession stand was pricey!
Zumanity is advertised as “The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil”, so that was promising. Before the show we entertained ourselves looking through peepholes in the soft walls in the red hallways, and saw some things not meant for young eyes… Let’s say Yasu enjoyed himself!
Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil
Our seats were in the third row from the stage, which meant we were close enough to be included in the cabaret part of the show. For the second time, I found myself leaving my audience seat and in a Vegas spotlight with all eyes on me. It was another interesting experience and again Yasu found himself being loudly congratulated by the show host for being with me. It’s always good to remind him!
Like the poster says the show was sexy, fun, and acrobatic. The acrobatics were breathtaking, the contortionist was unbelievable, the cabaret was really funny and the show was really not suitable for children! This really makes me want to go see more Cirque du Soleil shows! Maybe for our tenth wedding anniversary, like we originally planned?

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