Downtown Vegas & Hypnosis videos

When tourists talk about Las Vegas they’re often referring to the Las Vegas Strip with all its huge themed casinos and hotels. This didn’t use to be the center of attention though, the original gambling district was Downtown Las Vegas. I’ve been here before and I’m not a huge fan, but Yasu has never been here before so we made sure to visit this area today.
Downtown Las Vegas
It’s kind of sad compared to the Strip,  it’s obvious the casinos have a hard time attracting tourists and gamblers, and it has a rather dead feel to it. Also the casinos seem more cramped and the much lower ceilings keep all the smoke at face level which made my eyes teary the entire time.
The good thing about downtown Vegas is that everything is cheaper (in an effort to attract people). I remember during my first trip to Vegas in 2004, things were cheap everywhere, even on the Strip, especially food (like awesome buffets for under $10). That has changed in recent years but not downtown, not really.
So even though we didn’t enjoy downtown enough to stick around for the Fremont Street Experience(which is nice but not great) in the evening, we did have a great and rather cheap Hawaiian lunch (including crab legs!) at the Plaza Hotel.
After lunch we quickly took a bus back to the Strip, where things are a little more spectacular, which is what you want during a vacation in Las Vegas.
Oh Vegas, so much to see
We ended our day with another Hypnosis show! This time I stayed in my seat to enjoy the show as an audience member and it was another ridiculously funny show. Marc Savard had unknowingly hypnotized both a mother and daughter tonight and when the mother tried to flirt with him (because that’s what he had hypnotized her to do) the daughter got all upset!

And here’s one more clip, this is of the show we went to with the Dutchies in June. Marc Savard had hypnotized the people on stage to believe that someone’s belt was a dangerous snake. The result was hysterically funny!


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