Vegas sightseeing

We don’t gamble, but we love Vegas! There’s just so much to see and do besides gambling, it’s like a theme park for adults with all its themed casinos and many free attractions. Today we just hung out on the Strip, checking out several casinos, walking in the warm winter sun and enjoying the sights. What a great way to spend a day, no plan and no obligations, just doing whatever we felt like.
The New York, New York Casino & Hotel
We had lunch at the New York, New York where we found a flyer advertizing a Cirque du Soleil show called Zumanity and offering two tickets for $100. We had just decided a few days earlier that we wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show, someday when we could afford it, like for our tenth wedding anniversary. But this offer was good enough to pay a visit to the Zumanity box office today.
It turned out that the flyers were old and that they should have been taken away, because holiday prices were in effect for the show now, but the manager let us buy tickets for that price anyway! Lucky us! Cirque du Soleil for our wedding anniversary, eight years earlier than planned, nice.
The lions at MGM Grand
The MGM Grand Casino is famous because of its lions. Not just the big fake golden one outside but the real ones inside as well. I’ve been to this casino during all my other trips to Vegas, but I never managed to see the real lions. So this time I made sure to visit them, and we got to ‘meet’ them up close through the window of the gift shop next to the lion habitat. They were beautiful.


We were amazed at the decor at Caesar’s Palace. It makes you wonder how many sculptures one place can hold, they must have the largest collection of statues in the whole state of Nevada. It made for some lengthy sightseeing.

Las Vegas Strip sights
Besides seeing other people squander money on the hundreds of gambling tables and slot machines, we enjoyed the beautiful decor of European themed casinos, like the Paris, the Venetian with its canals and the beautifully dancing Bellagio Fountains.
Las Vegas likes to party

Another recurring theme on the Vegas Strip is alcohol. This city sure loves to party. It took me a while to get used to not being allowed to drink alcohol outside in the US, but in this city we can, which kinds of feels weird now. And everywhere they sell tools to make drinking on the move easier. 
For example, huge plastic containers with straps large enough to carry it on your shoulder like a handbag. The long straw makes walking while drinking easy. They also sell all kinds of alcohol in large quantities to fill those containers, or you can just have it filled at one of the many frozen margarita vendors. And then there are all kinds of bottle openers in the form of key chains, just to make your drinking life easier.

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