Owls, owls, owls – Part four

All 36 owls are done! Of course, I didn’t just make these for fun – although it was fun to make them – I made them for my Etsy shop. And every Etsy listing needs some product pictures, so after finishing them in the sewing studio (the table in our small apartment’s livingroom/bedroom), I moved the owls to the photo studio (the table in our kitchen).

I chose six background colors and picked which owls would be photographed against which background. And then I got out my very unfancy but very trusty point-and-shoot Canon to take pictures of the modeling owls.

Owls seems to have something magical and people just adore these birds, I wonder if this has anything to do with Harry Potter’s popularity. I’ve been using Instagram and Twitter to document the birth of all 36 owls over the last week, and I was happy to receive so much owl-love from everyone. The wittiest compliment was someone calling an owl ‘hootie-ful’!

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